Working Together To Build A Better Community!

Habitat For Humanity Gaston County Women Build 

Paying it forward is a true gift and is priceless, I had to share with everyone the experience of working with these fabulous women...together we changed the life of a very special family!

These amazing photos were taken by the talented Nicole Rogers. These are just a few pictures from yesterday. Check out Nicole's website for a display of beautiful pictures of all of her work. Not only did Nicole take pictures, she put her camera down and picked up a hammer and joined the rest of us. Thank  you Nicole, you are the best!

“Focus on shelter by building and renovating simple, decent affordable houses,” states one of Habitat for Humanity mission principles. Saturday marked the first day in building a home for a very deserving mother and her 11 year old son. Saturday marked the day of Habitat for Humanity’s first Women Build in Gaston County.

I have the greatest respect for all the volunteers that are apart of this project and the greatest respect for builders and contractors. Never have I really thought about what it takes to build a home from ground up until yesterday.

I had no idea or could even imagine the feelings I would embrace once I stepped onto the property of Amelia's new home site. The amazing feelings I can't express into words but can only describe as the mission principles of Habitat For Humanity, “Demonstrating the love and teachings of Jesus Christ.” As the morning and the clouds disappeared; the warmth of the sun came out and I got sweaty, my arms were getting tired but I could not lay down that hammer and I loved every minute of it! I can’t wait to come back for more Saturdays.

“We can work together for a better world with men and women of goodwill, those who radiate the intrinsic goodness of humankind.” ~Wangari Maathai quotes

Here are a few highlights from the day…

Mayor of Gastonia Jennie Stulz and new homeowner Amelia.

Amelia (New Homeowner) nailing in her first nail.

Together we can stand strong!

Tomboy Tools-Gotta love those pink tools!

Sandy and me working on the framing. What a great feeling!

Ameila and I decided to have fun with some other girls, we were proud all the nails were hammered in and this wall was ready to stand up.

Ready 1, 2, 3 and lift!

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take, but by the number of moments that take your breath away."

Ready to start the day.

Jennie Stulz Mayor of Gastonia, NC given the morning prayer with Amelia.

I am headed to pick up more nails.

Sharon, Tonia (Me) and Nicole...women on the move for Habitat. (This photo was not taken by Nicole Rogers Photography).

 I was thankful to be apart of the Habitat For Humanity Gaston County Women Build, we look forward to many more opportunities of giving back to the community that has given so much to us.

Holiday Decorating with COLOR!

Christmas Decorating and Holiday Decorating in Charlotte NC.

Decorating your home in Charlotte NC for Christmas and the holidays. If you love a traditional, old-world Christmas, you probably won't think much about a color scheme for your Christmas decorations. You'll gather together everything with sentimental value in any color, and find just the right place for it and your home and tree will be lovely. But if you're just starting out or want your decorations to compliment your home's decor, you'll find that all your Christmas decorating decisions will be easier if you start out with a specific color scheme.

There are a number of ways you can determine or choose a color scheme you want to follow with your Christmas decorations. Here are a few you can think about.
  • Your Home's Color Scheme
    Focus on the colors you have in your home year 'round and select complimentary colors that bring out the seasonal feeling. Here are more ways you can find colors for a Christmas color scheme.  
  • Colors from Your Childhood Christmases
    If you have particularly happy memories from Christmas past, try to choose a color theme to enhance that memory. If you loved all the candy canes, choose a red and white color scheme. Did your tree have shiny silver tinsel laid over the boughs? Maybe you'd like a silver glittery color scheme. How about the bubble lights from the 50's and 60's? Choose a color scheme that brings all those colors to mind. 
  • A Piece of Fabric
    If you have seen a beautiful fabric that would be spectacular on the center of your dining room table, draw your Christmas colors from the fabric design. Bring the hues into all the rooms for a unified look. 
  • A Sentimental Collectible Christmas Decoration
    Were you given a special Christmas decoration from your childhood home? If so, make that the focal point and use the colors from it for your color scheme. I was given a porcelain lighted Christmas tree that we had for years on the table in our entry hall. It's easy to decorate around, of course, but it always has a place of importance. 
  • Hues from Your Home
    If your home has warm colors, it would be best to choose golds and reds for decorations rather than icy white and silver. Keep with the feeling of your home for a harmonious decor. 


    Almost any Christmas decorating is enhanced by adding ribbons and bows, lots of them. If you find a ribbon that you particularly like, use the colors for the decorating scheme throughout your home. Once you choose a color scheme, it's a good idea to carry the color through all connecting rooms, for a look ofconsistency and harmony
Purchase different widths of the same design ribbon so you can use narrower around candlesticks and wider on wreaths and garlands.  There are some general rules to follow when bringing a Christmas (or any seasonal temporary) color scheme into your home. Use ribbons and bows to add color and a holiday mood to garlands, wreaths, mantles, swags, and candlesticks. Learn a simple way to make floral bows to use anywhere in your home. French ribbons with a wired edge cost more than regular soft ribbons, but are a great investment as they can be used year after year. With the wired edges, you can make a perfect bow, arranging the loops and tails any way you like for the best effect.
Be sure to purchase more ribbon than you think you'll need. You may not be able to find more later.
  • Harmonize with Your Interior
    If your home is decorated with a contemporary interior of black and white and chrome, don't try to create a rustic space with twigs and birds nests. Focus on the space as it is with silver, white, glitter, and crystals, maintaining the minimalist look.
    On the other hand, if your home is decorated in warm, colorful tones, don't try to make it look sleek and sophisticated with silver and white Christmas decorations. Choose colors from the decorating plan and draw them out for the Christmas decor.
    To summarize, if the space is warm and cozy, choose Christmas decorations in shapes and colors that retain that feeling. If the space is cool and sleek, choose decorations that are also sleek and sophisticated. 
Color evokes strong emotions in people and the colors chosen for a Christmas color scheme might be more important than the items chosen for decorations. Choose the colors you like the most for your Christmas decorating. Choose what will draw your eye and make you feel joyous and festive.
  • Transition from Room to Room
    For continuity through your home, coordinate you Christmas decorations from room to room. Don't use silver and white icicles in one room and rustic twigs and calico ornaments in the adjoining room.
    Try to repeat main decorating colors in each room. The decorations don't have to be the same, but bring colors from one room to the next. Try to find some decorations that have several colors in them. Then use one of the main colors in one room, another in an adjoining room, and the third color in the third room. Tie the spaces together with a common garland or decorative ribbons. 
  • Use Color to Add Texture
    Even with a monochromatic scheme, it's important to have some texture for interest. A tree decorated with only balls can look boring. Use garlands different finishes on the balls, ribbons, nosegays to add different textures and balance. 
  • Warm Colors and Cool Colors
    It's known that certain colors evoke particular feelings. Reds, yellows, and golds are warm colors. Blue, white, and silver are cool colors. If you choose a decorating scheme of snow, you'd probably gravitate towards cool colors. If you're focusing on the cozy feeling of a winter fireplace, you'd choose warm colors. If you live in a climate that's freezing cold, you might want to warm up your interior with warm colors. If you live in a tropical area, you might want to bring the coolness of icicles into your home at this time of year.

    Though red, green, gold, and silver are the favorite choices for Christmas colors, almost any hue can create a beautifully decorated home for the holidays.When choosing color combinations, remember that most colors of equal depth and intensity will harmonize with each other. Pastels, for example, mix easily with other pastels such as pink, peach, butter yellow, baby blue, lilac, and mint green.Or the deep jewel tones of navy blue, hunter green, and deep red will also combine well.Most colors, whether pastel or jewel tones, mix well with crystals, white, and ivory. And metallic tones like gold, silver, iron, brass, and pewter look great with almost any color.

    Here are some more colors and wonderful color combination for Christmas decorations.
  • Red and Green
  • Red and White
  • Green and White
  • All White
  • Any Color and Gold
  • Any Color and White
  • Any Color and Silver
  • White, Blue, and Silver
  • Ivory and Brushed Gold
  • Sage Green, Ivory, and Pewter
  • Bright Purple, Blue, and Green
  • Icy Blue, Lilac, and Silver
  • Autumn Tones of Beige, Brown, Golden Yellow, and Rust
  • Forest Green, Burgundy, and Gold
  • Primary Toy Colors Such as Red, Yellow, and Blue
  Call me today for your Holiday Decorating needs.

Merry Christmas!

Tonia Mosteller

Holiday Decorating Expert, Charlotte NC


Charlotte NC homes add some holiday cheer with decorating!

Tis the season for holiday decorating in Charlotte NC

Tis the season to add some holiday decorating flare to your

home in Charlotte NC

Don't forget to add some fun by your front door. 

Here are a couple of neat ideas to think about.

Do you have an old sled you can bring out from your garage or storage shed?  So when not cruising the snow-covered hills, you can use this wonderful accent piece and embellish it with pine sprigs pinecones, and fruit does double duty as a welcoming decoration next to the front door. Don't forget to add a festive holiday bow at top. Most of all make it your own and create a style that fits your home.

Have you cleaned out your summer pots or urns? Don't store them away, you them to create holiday cheer by your door. This mound of shimmering spheres looks like snowballs just waiting to be thrown. Arranged in an urn beside the , the spheres are plugged into a power strip hidden inside, then stacked and accented with boxwood. You can use all sorts of natural greenery such as boxwood, Christmas tree sprigs and cedar. I like to mix them up when creating festive holiday decor.  Fishing line is a decorator's best friend during the holidays. A single strand of fishing line wrapped around the spheres keeps the stack secure.

Add some holiday charm to your window box....

Are you a bird watcher? If you are like me, I have tons of fearthered friends throughout the winter and they love to visit my window box during the holiday season. Instead of using my normal bird feeders during this time, I like to dress up my window box for my feathered friends. They like to feast on fruity branches and seed heads, including rosehips, red and blue viburnum, golden millet, coneflower, canary grass, and cattail. Top off the display with a small tree-form holly, a weather-worthy birdhouse, and a dish of black sunflowers seeds.Best of all I get an upclose view of mother nature's beauty.

I enjoy decorating my exterior for the holidays as much I as do for the interior of my home. If you have a window box, what better way to add some holiday charm and create a festive decor. Dwarf conifers and other cold-hardy evergreens are available in many forms, colors, and textures. For a holiday-inspired window box, plant small specimens of cedar, cypress, and euonymus in a sturdy, deep box trimmed with white birch branches and garnish with pinecones and arborvitae cuttings. Fill window box with cedar and boxwood boughs, green hypericum berries, and sprigs of baby's breath stuck into a dry block of florist's foam. Protected from direct sun and weather extremes, cut greens can survive throughout the season.

Basket of festive holiday cheer....

OK, you have decorated the interior of your home and maybe you have some leftover holiday ornaments that you can bring outdoors. Make sure they are different sizes. Do you have a wire basket, or be creative and think of something unique. You just need something to hold your Christmas balls. A wire basket filled with greenery and large glass oranments such as Christmas balls, this makes a simple and festive holiday welcome. Place a basket on a table on your porch or by the front door. Use what you have on hand to make your own variation, but choose carefully. Painted ornaments may lose their finish if left out in the rain

Merry Christmas from our home in Charlotte NC, to your home.

Affordable Home & Office Holiday Decorating Charlotte NC - SC

Affordable Home  & Office Holiday Decorating Charlotte NC - SC

Our Holiday Decorating  ideas work wonders for filling your
home with Holiday Cheer!

We love the Holidays and our Holiday Decorating Professionals reflect our love for the holidays by adding warmth, style, creativity, and festive decorating in your homes or Corporate Holiday Events.

We schedule holiday decorating installations between November 1st and December 20 
Do you have wonderful holiday decorations but not sure how to use them?  Do you have some holiday decorations that have a timeless and personal memory or keepsakes? If you don't have holiday decorations then we will shop for you. Or we will supply a Holiday Decorating Shopping List for you to pick up new holiday decorations based on your personal style. Of course keeping everything affordable and to fit with any budget.

We have several Affordable Holiday Packages and Plans to decorate any home in the Charlotte NC - South Carolina and the surrounding area's.

It's that time of year again. Christmas, Chanukah, Kwanzaa, New Year's Eve - all over the world people will gather with their friends and family to celebrate the season with their favorite holiday decorations.

The holidays are a wonderful time of year and we all enjoy having our homes decorated for the holiday season. However we don’t always have the time or the energy that’s needed to create an inviting & festiveatmosphere. Planning a holiday event or party? Are you unsure of where to start or wonder how you will get it done?

Our holiday decorating services can create a simple or elaborate display whether it‘s for your home or acorporate business event function. It can be a stress reliever to enlist the services of a Holiday Interior Decorator. We can create and decorate all kinds of Christmas Trees to; traditional treesrustic trees,contemporary or modern trees and whimsical trees. Why? Because our Holiday Decorating Professionals utilizes our decorating skills and our creative minds by adding a new twist to your holiday decorations!

Don't have time to do your holiday shopping or gift wrapping? We can do that for you too!

Whatever your holiday gift  wrapping style is, we can do it all!

Our team of professionals will create a customized holiday decorating plan that will enhance the unique features of your home or business. We can use your existing holiday decorations or purchase newdecorations-all according to your budget.

Have Holiday Decorations we can use to decorate your home?

* Home & Corporate Business Holiday Decorating Services * Custom Holiday Decorating Plan * Holiday Home Staging * Decorated Wreaths * Decorated Garlands / Swags * Decorated Staircases * Decorated Christmas Trees * Fireplace Mantels * Front Entrances * Holiday Displays * Holiday Centerpieces * Holiday Shopping * Holiday Gift Wrapping * Holiday Event Decorating * New Years Eve Decorating

Our Holiday Decorating Services are personalized based on your decorating needs for your home orcorporate office event. The possibilities are endless and how much we decorate is up to you.

Do you want to be doing this for the holidays?
 For a lot of people, the months of November and December are filled with STRESS to decorate for holiday parties, their homes and prepare the holiday meals.
You can focus on the meals and
we can focus on holiday decorating! 

Give us a Jingle!

Holiday Decorating Services - NC & SC

Tonia Mosteller

Holiday Interior Home Decorator - Charlotte NC


Happy Holidays from our homes to yours!
Affordable Holiday decorating, turning your home or office event into a work of art around the holidays in Charlotte NC - and SC Taking the stress away from you by providing beautiful decorated rooms and trees!

We offer all types of Holiday Decorating for HomesOffices,
Holiday Seminars and Corporate Holiday Events