Charlotte NC homes add some holiday cheer with decorating!

Tis the season for holiday decorating in Charlotte NC

Tis the season to add some holiday decorating flare to your

home in Charlotte NC

Don't forget to add some fun by your front door. 

Here are a couple of neat ideas to think about.

Do you have an old sled you can bring out from your garage or storage shed?  So when not cruising the snow-covered hills, you can use this wonderful accent piece and embellish it with pine sprigs pinecones, and fruit does double duty as a welcoming decoration next to the front door. Don't forget to add a festive holiday bow at top. Most of all make it your own and create a style that fits your home.

Have you cleaned out your summer pots or urns? Don't store them away, you them to create holiday cheer by your door. This mound of shimmering spheres looks like snowballs just waiting to be thrown. Arranged in an urn beside the , the spheres are plugged into a power strip hidden inside, then stacked and accented with boxwood. You can use all sorts of natural greenery such as boxwood, Christmas tree sprigs and cedar. I like to mix them up when creating festive holiday decor.  Fishing line is a decorator's best friend during the holidays. A single strand of fishing line wrapped around the spheres keeps the stack secure.

Add some holiday charm to your window box....

Are you a bird watcher? If you are like me, I have tons of fearthered friends throughout the winter and they love to visit my window box during the holiday season. Instead of using my normal bird feeders during this time, I like to dress up my window box for my feathered friends. They like to feast on fruity branches and seed heads, including rosehips, red and blue viburnum, golden millet, coneflower, canary grass, and cattail. Top off the display with a small tree-form holly, a weather-worthy birdhouse, and a dish of black sunflowers seeds.Best of all I get an upclose view of mother nature's beauty.

I enjoy decorating my exterior for the holidays as much I as do for the interior of my home. If you have a window box, what better way to add some holiday charm and create a festive decor. Dwarf conifers and other cold-hardy evergreens are available in many forms, colors, and textures. For a holiday-inspired window box, plant small specimens of cedar, cypress, and euonymus in a sturdy, deep box trimmed with white birch branches and garnish with pinecones and arborvitae cuttings. Fill window box with cedar and boxwood boughs, green hypericum berries, and sprigs of baby's breath stuck into a dry block of florist's foam. Protected from direct sun and weather extremes, cut greens can survive throughout the season.

Basket of festive holiday cheer....

OK, you have decorated the interior of your home and maybe you have some leftover holiday ornaments that you can bring outdoors. Make sure they are different sizes. Do you have a wire basket, or be creative and think of something unique. You just need something to hold your Christmas balls. A wire basket filled with greenery and large glass oranments such as Christmas balls, this makes a simple and festive holiday welcome. Place a basket on a table on your porch or by the front door. Use what you have on hand to make your own variation, but choose carefully. Painted ornaments may lose their finish if left out in the rain

Merry Christmas from our home in Charlotte NC, to your home.