Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Holiday Decorating Service Questions

How many years have you been designing and installing Christmas decorating? 
On a personal note, all my life because I love decorating for Christmas. Innovative Interiors Holiday Decorating has been decorating homes and businesses for the holidays since 1998.

Does Innovative Interiors carry liability insurance specifically designed for Christmas decorating?Innovative Interiors professional holiday decorators are trained, licensed, and insured professionals.

How much will it cost us to have our decorations installed and taken down?Each installation is customized to the property—so the customer can invest as much—or as little—as they want! Each proposal is presented with a number of options. We will help you build your decorating package over time!

Who do we contact for service should there be a problem?You will be provided with contact information for one of our holiday decorating consultants. 

How far in advance do we need to contact you to get an estimate and have the work done?As soon as you decide on using a professional holiday decorator. Our decorating season is short, and our schedules tend to fill up by mid-November.

Can we determine the time that you take the decorations down?Yes. Innovative Interiors holiday decorating consultant will work with you to schedule a takedown appointment that is convenient for you.