Christmas Holiday Event Decorations 2013

Holiday Decorating photo from Pier One

2013 Sneak peak Holiday and Christmas Decorations! Look what is coming this holiday season! 

Pier One has a sneak peak of their holiday decorations to get you ready for the upcoming holidays! After all, 48 more days before "fall" is here (my favorite season), and the months that end with "ber". When school starts back in August...the fall months follow right after, and the seasonal holidays to follow. It's always great to be an early bird, and start making your holiday shopping and decorating list, to prepare for your family and friends to visit during the holidays and Christmas. 

I am so excited to think about the fall months, and all the excitement and decorating that follows. Check out Pier One and be sure to check out the holiday - seasonal - event - Christmas decorators in Charlotte, NC for some great holiday and Christmas decorating tips! 

Stay tuned to my holiday decorating blog, because it will be filled with lots of new holiday, seasonal, event, Christmas decorating information, sure to make your holidays sparkle and festive in 2013!