Holiday Decorating with COLOR!

 Decorating your homes with color during the holidays in NC - SC !
Holidays around the globe are celebrated in so many different ways and with a variety of traditions, decorating styles, and holiday colors that are unique to each country.  When choosing a color scheme for your home, whether it’s for the holidays or year-round, first decide on the mood you want to create. 
Do you want to have an atmosphere that feels warm and inviting or would you prefer a soothing, elegant place to come home to after the chaos of holiday shopping? Look at your home decor and decorate your holidays based on your style and personality. 

For a home that feels festive and inviting during the holidays, decorate with red, green, white, and gold. Bring in rustic decor with nostalgic vintage pieces such as a rusty red sleigh, or a cozy plaid flannel throw blanket. If you would rather have a traditional color scheme with an elegant touch, bring in gleaming gold ornaments, whites, sparkling strings of lights, and velvety rich-colored toss pillows. Decorating doesn’t have to be expensive, either. Visit local antique shops and discount stores,  or think about what you might have tucked away from your childhood that would work with the color scheme you’ve chosen and the mood you want to create.
Important, find one motif, color or theme and stick with it, Whatever motif you choose, “You must repeat, repeat, repeat,” A collection of too many ideas looks careless and cluttered. To create a balanced look, three is the magic number. If your theme is snowflakes, then put three snowflakes each on your wreath, in a floral arrangement, on the mailbox and on the wall. The consistency will tie your look together.

Whimsical elements are a great way to create a fun illusion. Mix and match real with fake, and it fools the eye. Keep your guests guessing by incorporating unexpected elements in your décor.
Your holiday theme can be a new twist on a traditional motif, or something you’ve never done before. Consider a variation on the traditional color scheme. Try lime green and raspberry, deep burgundy and sage green, or powder blue and silver. Ribbons, fabrics and ornaments in a new color scheme will give your holiday décor an updated look.