Holiday Decorating Can Be Easy And Budget Friendly!

Holiday Decorating can be easy and budget friendly!

Wreaths, mantel decor, garlands, and centerpieces set the stage 
for your holiday haven from Halloween through Christmas. 

Let's talk about decorating the fireplace mantel. The fireplace is central to many Christmas celebrations. For any number of homes, it’s the point of entry for Santa and so the mantle deserves very special treatment at this time of year.

To do so, begin by clearing it of its year-round objects. They will return in January but for now, the mantle should be bared so that you can fill it with Christmas cheer.

Swags and Lights

The most obvious choice for the mantle is to run a swag of greenery along the edge so that it loops down slightly. You can buy imitation mantle greenery that works very well. Some is festooned with holly berries or pine cones. Others are entwined with lights.

If you opt for the garlands with the lights, make sure there is a socket nearby so that you don’t have to string extension cords all over the living room. 

*Make sure nothing flammable drapes too low from the mantle.

Bring Nature Inside

It’s also fun to gather boughs from evergreens growing in your own yard or ask a neighbor if you can have a few clippings.  Layer the boughs on the mantle, so that the ends are camouflaged. Be generous so that the greenery makes a statement.

Alternatively, put the greens in five or six small glass vases and line them up on the mantle. Flank them with white, red, or green candles. Decorate the greenery with small, bright Christmas ornaments.

Festive Colorful Balls and Candles...great combination!

Glass or crystal bowls filled with colorful glass Christmas balls are lovely. Intersperse them with tapers in glass and watch the “light show” when the candlelight bounces off the balls and glass bowls.

An array of colorful candles is another delightful way to decorate the mantle. These can be pillar candles in glass containers or set on pretty saucers, matched with tapers in candlesticks. Check out your local stores such as; Target, Family Dollar, Wal-Mart, Homegoods, and TJMaxx for some great buys on candles!

*Also flame-less candles are wonderful to use, you can find them unscented or scented. They are wonderful to work with because you can leave them unattended, and use them in decorations that you normally can't place real candles in.