Fall into Thanksgiving

Fall into Thanksgiving 

It's that time of year, where we all start looking for ideas on decorating and recipes. Yes, I also look for recipes on-line...hoping to add a twist on our family Thanksgiving meal. As a family tradition we head to Blowing Rock, NC for a long Thanksgiving weekend. We love to be in the mountains during the holidays; spending time with family, shopping, and searching for the perfectChristmas Tree. Now that we are in September, no better time like the present to look for recipes. So, I go searching for great recipes on Southern Living.com and found so many, now I have to decide which will be the winner for our family. Thinking I will make a couple of these recipes as our season changes and cooler weather moves in for fall. This way, we can sample them before actually having the meal for our Thanksgiving feast. :)

 Grilled Pork Roast With Fruit Compote 

Oven-Roasted Asparagus

Fresh asparagus is always a favorite in my family, and often on sale during the holidays. So you are sure to save some money during the holidays when purchasing this vegetable.   

Green Bean Casserole and Cranberry Sauce 

Another favorite in our family, and I'm sure I can't leave it off the Thanksgiving table this year BUT...looks like I can change it up a bit...thanks to the great recipes on Southern Living!

YUM! One for me! ;)

Mocha-Pecan Mud Pie 

My son and family will be in heaven! Nothing like a delicious combination of coffee, chocolate, and ice-cream! 

Of course, our family loves pumpkin pie, and Mimi makes amazing pumpkin pies....so I think we may try both desserts this year! After all, it’s Thanksgiving.

Now, let's look for some warm beverages that are sure to knock off the cool fall evenings that follow around Thanksgiving and in the mountains of North Carolina. 

Holiday meal planner for our family. Thanks Southern Living...you are the best! Well, after viewing all those fabulous recipes, looks like I have my work cut out for me...not to mention now I am starving! ;) Wishing everyone "best dishes" as Mrs. Paula Dean would say.